About us and what we believe in

We build niche Labor Marketplaces simplifying the job search and hiring experience in large, highly regulated job verticals. Skilled labor markets of tomorrow will require a greater complexity of service than today’s Labor Marketplaces.

Truck Drivers, Nurses and Construction Workers all have different skill sets, needs and demands but all have to abide by the very shallow “lowest common denominator” search and matching functionality offered by job sites in sake of platform consistency. This approach of yesterday severely limits job search and matching efficiency, ending up not servicing any specific industry or profession particularly well.

By focusing on specific job verticals we are able to develop deeper and more meaningful job search and hiring experiences for both companies and candidates by providing products and feature sets specifically tailored to each industry vertical. We believe all skilled labor markets will expect and demand our type of job search efficiency in the future and we’re now leading the way in arguably the most important industry, the US trucking industry, through our Vertical Labor Marketplace, Lanefinder.